10 Interesting Facts About Dream That Will Blow Your Mind

There is a famous saying that, “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.” Dreams are very much mysterious and so are these facts about dreams. There are many amazing and interesting facts about dreams which are just mind blowing and you would love to read them all.

1. Eyes not barrier for dreaming.

Most people think that blind people can’t dream, or as clearly as regular sighted people. In fact people with blindness dream as vividly as regular people, their dreams are enhanced through other sensory perceptions of touch and greater depth of the dream itself. It is one of the common unknown dream facts.

2.  Your mind is more active while you are dreaming than when you’re awake.


Even though your body is resting while you sleep, your mind is more active than when you’re awake. During dreams, your mind is learning, solving problems, and also filing, sorting, and making sense of all the information you absorbed in your waking hours.

3. Dreams recharge your creativity.


Sleep recharges your body, and dreams recharge your creativity. According to the American psychological association , this is because dreams actually resemble creativity. As the brain problem solves during dreams it actually mimics the creative, waking thought process. For this reason, many artists are more likely to be stimulated by their dreams, and think with more creativity while awake.

4. Controlling your dreams.


Little did you know, people in fact can control their dreams, it’s called lucid dreaming. Despite the person becoming aware of their dreaming, he or she continues to dream by focusing on the dream and not letting the mind completely awaken.

5. Dreams are symbolic.

In a list of psychological facts this aspect of dreams plays a vital role. Dreams don’t always tend to be easy to understand, neither are they instantly clear to remember.

They are however cleverly symbolic, during our lives our dreams relate different things to provide a message, with elements that are brain can quickly process. For example playing a game of hangman, where you show symbols and reenactment to provide a picture for the word you want the people to guess.  

6. Dream’s characters are casted, based on your gender.


The majority of men tend to have all male characters in their dreams. However, when women dream, they have a more even mixture of males and females in their dreams.

7.  Hidden secret.

Dreams or nightmares related to unpreparedness, flying, falling, and public humiliation come from common human anxieties and seem to go much beyond cultural and socio-economic boundaries.

8. Women also experience orgasms.


Did you think only men go through this phenomenon. Actually, No. Women are prone to feeling strong s****l simulations during their sleep, most often associated with an erotic dream, it’s common to find the genitals of women to be lubricated.

While men experience erections, it’s not entirely dependent on the nature of the erotic dream.

9. Can lead to psychosis.

A lack of REM sleep and dreaming during that stage can lead to the disruption of healthy functioning. Somethings are meant to be how mother nature made it be, once disrupted you are prone to psychotic disorders such as hallucination, irritation etc.

So relax, and try to sleep with the intention of dreaming.

10.  Dreamy inventions.


Despite the fact that we forget our dreams, it is true that many inventions were born in dreams. Newton, Graham Bell and even some poets drew their inspiration through their dreams. How they do that is, they write their dreams down as soon as they wake up from their sleep in order to remember and work on it.

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