10 Super popular Instagram Models who underwent Plastic Surgery


Instagram is full of profiles of some of the hottest women ever.  They frequently share their beautiful photos on the social media site and there are millions of followers who can’t wait to hit the like button on each and every picture. But many of these girls are not flaunting their natural bodies.


We have dug up some photos of your favourite Instagram models that show just how trusted their physical changes really are.


10. Marina Mayer

Before waking up so many followers on Instagram Marina looked a lot different than she does now in fact, she looks like a completely different person. The Russian Instagram model has thousands of photos posted to her account and each one beautiful shows off her flawless busy and her gorgeous face but before the social media painted her life, Marina looks like your typical girl next door.

In this series of before and after photos you can see all of the physical changes she has gone through to look the way she does today.  Before surgery her nose was a bit larger Comma her lips were much smaller and her chest was a few Cup sizes smaller too. But take a look at her now rumours suggest that she has undergone numerous plastic surgery procedures to turn herself into this elegant and stunning version of herself.  Judging by her appearance we have to say it was definitely money well spent


9. Alena Shishkova

This is a picture of former beauty queen and Russian Bond Instagram model Alena. We are pretty sure you have probably seen her photos all over the Internet with millions of Instagram followers , it’s no secret as to what makes her so popular amongst Internet users. She has a great sense of Style and a beautiful face women with Chiseled features.

But take a look at the Instagram model before she allegedly had a few plastic surgery procedures.

I think she was just as beautiful before, but it was the modelling Industry that forced her to make the alterations to her body she had dreams of walking down the Runway in luxury fashion shows in Paris and Milan but due to her height she was rejected by numerous agencies that’s when she decided to start posting photos of herself on Instagram and she created her own modelling career without the name of any big agency physical changes took place gradually and many people just assume she was born the way she looks beautiful now.


8. Abigail Ratchford

Abigail calls herself The queen of curves.  But many of our Instagram followers are and aware that the Beverly Hills based Instagram model has all of her assets made by plastic surgery.

The American beauty has big, Beautiful eyes and nose that’s perfectly in proportion with the rest of her way nice plump lips, and a nice and toned body but there is one thing about abigail’s look that leads many people to believe that she has made some alterations to her body.

It’s not heard to see that her chest appears to have been surgically enhanced, and our suspicions Were confirmed when we came across this throwback photo of the Instagram model for facial features appears to be the same but it’s her bust that has grown massively.

Over the years thanks to her new body parts Abigail has landed numerous gig to have a picture taken in magazines and her good looks even landed her an appearance on the TV show parks and Recreation


7. Natalie Gauvreau

Model Natalie has some pretty flawless curves and beautiful easy that appears to have been made by a talented plastic surgeon before the Toronto model took over the social media site with flashy photos she was trying to get her modelling career of the ground with her natural features.

She went under plastic surgery to give her the button nose she has today. We also found this picture of the model way before her Instagram days and we can’t get over how different she looks.

Her face was much more round and her entire body was a decent size but these days it appears that Natalie is going with the Motto bigger is better 

6. Demi Rose

 Demi Rose was making a name for herself as an Instagram model but her popularity didn’t begin to rise until she was spotted out with rapper tiger Tyga . The two dated while Tyga and Kylie Jenner where briefly broken up and online users where absolutely mesmerized by them.

The Instagram model has a beautiful face and a perfect hourglass figure that she loves to show off with some help from her skimpy and revealing outfit

but would you believe if we told you that day she didn’t always look the way she does today. 

.Demi is enjoying all the attention that comes along with her good looks and she has turn Instagram into a profitable business. She can frequently be seen promoting products to her millions of followers and we are pretty sure so many celebrities are sending her messages.


5. Mahlagha Jaberi

When it comes to being a super popular Instagram model conventional standards of beauty do not apply . It seems like the more changes a girl has undergone the more people are obsessed with the way he looks

Maybe it’s because you don’t see people who look like this on a daily basis although nothing beats natural beauty , this Instagram model at paving the way for themselves and dominating the social media site with their surgical and hence body parts.

One Instagram model name Maharaja very quickly realised She could not amass millions of followers just from looking good but she could also use her looks to become a super model.

She is now signed to Olive models but we Wonder what her agency would think if they saw her before pictures 


4. Mariyan Pashaeva

Before she became that glam and popular Instagram model that she is today she looked like a completely different person this side by side comparison photo shows Marian in a throwback picture before her plastic surgery procedures.

Marian was a brunette with a different face, nose wasn’t as good, her cheekbones went as pronounced ,her lips and her Jawline appeared to be different.

Over time she has gone to work on clicking her image just take a look at this after photos of her .

Marion is now living it up and enjoying each and every day with her new appearance. She may not be as popular as some of the other woman on our list but we don’t doubt her good looks will help her get even more attention then before it’s only a matter of time before her follower count which is the million


3. Miracle Watts

Before becoming Instagram famous this model who Goes by the name of Miracle Watts was living a typical life in Texas.

Photos of miracle before the Instagram Fame prove that she has always been a beautiful girl, she didn’t need to have any type of surgery but her enhancements helped her on her Quest to become popular on the social media.

She made brief appearance in Hip Hop videos but no one really paid too much attention, it was when she started posting photos of her new and improved body that he was able to reach over a million followers on Instagram

It also appears that she underwent a nose job and a bust enhancement to give her the curvy body that she loves to show off in each and every photo.


2. Anyuta Rai

If you took a look at this before picture you probably never would have guessed it’s an image of an Instagram model

The way she looks now on her Instagram feed is a huge difference from this before pictures but something pushed her to transform herself with some help from a very skilled doctor.

She looks so different in her after pictures, it’s very hard to pinpoint which procedure she has undergone it looks like her nose has been reshaped likely had some lip injections and her chest appears to be much larger in many of her bikini photos on Instagram


1. Nita Kuzmina

We are not here to advocate plastic surgery but in some cases the procedure swear money well spent this next Instagram model has had her before and after pictures posted online for many years and people can’t get over just how much she has changed.

Before all her procedures Neeta looked like she was going through That Awkward stage that many of us have dealt with her hair was short Blonde and choppy , her face was much more around and her nose was a tad bit bigger.

Now sports with a very tiny waist, wider hip and a bust that looks much bigger than before we wonder if Nita looks back at her before pictures and cringes.

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