10+Hilarious Jealous People That Got Caught Up In Their Envy


Jealousy is a very common trait. Many of us are self-conscious about something, and when you see somebody owning that particular quality, it can suck. I mean no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be as good at football as Ronaldo, and boy that does make me jealous.

But some people have jealousy issues more important than my football envy. And, what makes it worse is when they’re caught displaying their jealousy by someone with a camera. The results are probably pretty traumatic for those involved, but for the rest of us, they’re absolutely funny.

We give you the funniest jealous moments ever caught on camera.

1. Mine not big jealousy

Maybe the low cut top wasn’t the right choice for the blond

2. Dog jealousy

If you don’t want the dog to get all the attention, don’t bring it.

3. Kissing jealousy

The moment when you realize everything he said to you was a lie.

4. Ice-cream jealousy

This is foreshadowing for that boys whole life

5. Camera jealousy

Size doesn’t matter….. right

6. Girl jealousy

I hope they don’t decide to jump on her.

7. Cake jealousy

uh oh, look out that lady looks like she is ready to attack.

8. Date jealousy

What an awkward threesome

9. Baby jealousy

Look out kid, that other baby’s gonna get you.

10. Rabbit jealousy

Tinkerbell is much cuter when she isn’t jealous.

11. Umbrella jealousy

Why wouldn’t the lady be jealous, she gets an umbrella all to herself

12. Floating device jealousy

I hope the girl on the right knows how to swim.

13. Legs jealousy

Sorry girl, covering your dude’s eyes won’t make him unsee that.

14. Junk jealousy

There is a lot to be jealous of.

15. Its crowd jealousy

Jealousy wears a large coat in the shadows.

16. Comicon jealousy

Sorry dude, wait for your turn.

17. Lesbians jealousy

what to say, just look at her expressions, like she gonna kill her after this is over.

18. Perfect jealousy

Yeah right, the woman on left got some quality boobs, to make everyone jealous.

19. Booty jealousy

You have to work hard, for having that kind of booty.

20. Cleavage jealousy

Yeah, even the Hollywood stars to gets jealous of each other.

So I am happy, my jealous moments weren’t caught on camera, they’d be right up with this lot. So funny.

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