11 Genius Trolls Who Took Trolling To Another Level

Some people are born to troll. It’s in their genes, and there’s nothing they can do to resist it. They’re the people who put their foot on the scales when you’re trying to weigh yourself. They’re the people who give you a frozen block of dollar bills when you tell them you want some cold hard cash for your birthday.

Scroll down for more hilarious examples where they have taken trolling to another level.

#1 Feel The Tire

#2 Trolling Apple Store

#3 Troll King

#4 141 Years Old Troll

#5 Looks Like Someone Is Unhappy With The Management

#6 Trolling Mom

#7 Trolling A System

#8 This Troll

#9 Trolling A Kitty

#10 Trolling The Protestores

#11 Artist Trolling Planes


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