11 Infuriating Images Showing How Life Is Unfair

How many times does it happen that we try something, but it doesn’t exactly go our way? That’s a clear example of how life is unpredictable. Life is so complicated and unpredictable that we don’t know what will happen in the next second to us. As much as life is unpredictable it is unfair too. Many times it is so unfair that we can’t do anything about it and it leaves us extremely angry and impatient. 

But then again, there is no denying that seeing images like these do feel funny and make us thank god that we’re not having a day as bad as these people.

Check these out and feel the subtle cringe as you surf through these images.

#1. This photographer deserves one-way ticket to hell.

This would be a constant struggle between the photo frame and the photograph itself. This picture makes me uncomfortable.

#2. The boob-swap.

That awkward moment when your man-boobs are bigger than the girl’s, standing right next to you.

#3. This isn’t as easy as it looks.

#4. When you are all optimistic, but life has other plans for you.

#5. Their faces say it all.

That awkward moment when your friend got your share of curves as well.

#6. That tug of discomfort.

Imagine that you are rushing to your office in the morning, and this is what your seat belt is up to.

#7. When you have evening plans, that are unclear AF!

#8. When life says: “F*ck You”!

#9. “It’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

No… It’s not. First off, it’s so long. And secondly, it’s not even the right spelling. I am confused if this is a genius move or a d*ck move.

#10. The table design didn’t exactly align the way they hoped for.

#11. Size does matter

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