12 Tiny Relationship Moments That Are Beautifully Romantic

A relationship is a compilation of all the things two people do together and apart. It’s easy to put pressure on a relationship during big events, but big events alone don’t create a real, loving couple.  There are more “normal” days which are quieter, and often provide better excuses to love and be loved. Bigger is not always better.

Here are 12 tiny moments that show what true love really looks like:

#1. When you wake up next to each other, messy hair and morning breathe and aren’t grossed out. Just comfortable, and at your realest.

#2. When your partner sends you a “good morning” video every single day while in a long distance relationship.

#3. When you and your significant other settle down to watch a movie, and you automatically put a blanket over them, without even asking if they want it or not.

#4. When you start laughing during completely serious conversations because of an inside joke that ONLY you two get.

#5. When you fall asleep, arms around each other, dressed in your most comfortable clothes, while watching your favourite shows together.

#6. And wake up a little extra early on an important day for bae just to make breakfast, iron his/ her clothes, or do something just a little out of the ordinary to make their day easier.

#7. Telling each other about your day – even the mundane details, because you guys actually WANT to hear about how the coffee at work was just slightly different.

#8. Meeting each other after a long day, and knowing that a single hug from the right person can make the world just a little better.

#9. Watching a movie one of you hates / REALLY doesn’t want to watch just because the other person REALLY wants to.

#10. Sending each other random messages throughout the day just to check up on each other. Like making sure your significant other has had lunch on a busy day.

#11. When you stay up till the wee hours of the morning just talking and laughing, because sometimes life catches up with both of you and you forget to talk.

#12. And finally, when you unconsciously hold their hand because it’s now a habit you don’t ever want to break.


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