These 13 Warning Signs Tells That Your Boyfriend Is Toxic


We all wish to have a perfect relationship but unfortunately, things do not always end up as you planned initially. We all try to impress our partner with every possible way but there are various things that you understand about each other after spending some time together, maybe you love those hidden facts about your partner but at the same time there is an equal probability that you hate those hidden features. Here we have got you some warning signs that will tell you whether those initially hidden nature of your boyfriend is actually toxic or not. If you can relate to following points then you definitely are suffering from in a useless relationship with a toxic boyfriend.

1. Compares You To Other Girls

You two are supposed to love each other the way you are. But if your boyfriend compares you with other girls then he surely is a toxic person.


2. He Is All Words With No Action

A relationship is all about making efforts to keep your partner happy. Maybe your boyfriend also speaks a lot about such things but if he never acts according to his words then he really doesn’t deserve you.


3. He Disrespects Your Family & Friends

If a man cannot respect your family and friends then he really is not a man for you.Warning Signs Tells That Your Boyfriend Is Toxic


4. He Is Very Dominating

If he dominates you all the time, it is a clear warning that you are gonna suffer forever so it’s better to throw that toxic guy out of your life.Warning Signs Tells That Your Boyfriend Is Toxic


5. He Is Calling You Hurtful Names

He doesn’t respect you and calls you with hurtful names, dear it is one of the warning signs that your guy is just toxic.


6. He Goes Mia

If he disappears after every tiny fight and ignores you all the ways then sorry but your relationship is not gonna work in a long run.


7. He Discourage Your Dreams & Goals

You are dating a total jerk if he discourages your dreams and goals. After all, your partner is supposed to support you and if he doesn’t do so then it is definitely one of the warning signs that he is just toxic.

8. He Doesn’t Really Give Attention To Your Things

The key to a successful relationship is listening and giving adequate attention to each other but if he does not do so then it is better to take it as a warning.


9. He Fights Over Every Little Thing

A couple is supposed to understand each other instead of fighting over little things but if your boyfriend fight over little things then this toxic behavior is not going to work out.


10. You Feel Like You’re Not His Priority Anymore

If he doesn’t treat you as his priority like he used to do initially then why are you suffering in a toxic relationship?


11. You’re Just Not Happy

If you are not happy then obviously you cannot justify it in words but this transformation can be harmful to both of you. So instead of bearing a toxic person, it’s better to talk and move on.


12. He Always Criticize You

Criticism is good, but excessive criticism is toxic. If you make efforts for him then obviously you expect some appreciation but what if you always get criticism in return?


13. He Sees Your Growth & Changes With A Negative Perspective

This is one of the clear warning signs that he is a toxic personality. So don’t ruin your life with a guy who cannot see you succeed.



Maybe you cannot imagine your life without the love of your life but at the same time if he is a toxic person then you must have to think something better for yourself instead of bearing. We hope these warning signs will help you to know your guy better.

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