14 Photos that show how perverted your mind is

At this point in time, just about everyone has a camera on them always. Thanks to cameras in cell phones, our cameras now fit easily in our pockets let as capture even unplanned memories.

We take photos to capture memories that we can later transport ourselves back to by looking at the photos. However, sometimes we can capture more than we bargained for.

Illusions are part of how the human brain and senses and you won’t believe the tricks they can play on you.


Tomato Butt

These days people’s preferences in woman’s appearances has become focussed on a woman’s rear. We’ve moved from an idolization of the skinny stick figure model to one on the curvy woman but that ridiculously skinny stomach has stay. This is just a fruit boys, calm.


A Little Firm, Don’t You Think?

Wow now that is what you call big breasts on a small figure. Ha, Got Ya. Those are just her knees. This is a very strange pose, however, if think she may be intentionally trying to trick you. Those boobs would feel real strange in your hands though.


Read the Signs

Woah there Bucko, just slow done. That sign is not the especially naughty, possibly, all male three-some you think it is. Have another look. Go on look real closely. Do you see it now? Well yeah, me neither. Looks like really bad sign design to me.


Umm… I Wonder Why This Looks Inappropriate

Well, today’s flavour just got a little spicier. The Lemon Ice has a really kinky undercurrent to it. I’m interested to know what people ordering their lemon ice expect to get. Are they going to be happy or disappointed when the cream is missing?



This is absolutely perfect. The pretzel dog in positioned exactly perfectly. And this innocent man is completely unaware of his newly exposed pretzel dong. Remember what I said everyone always has a camera with them, this is why it’s great.


Very Convincing

Are you sure that this just looks inappropriate? It looks really, really realistic. As far as I’m concerned this is either a top-grade photo shop or that ref did just take a real big smell of that wrestler’s butt. If he wasn’t on his knees I’d believe it just looked that way.


Melon Toss

You couldn’t try to get a photo timed this well. Apparently watermelon tossing seems to be a national past time in South East Asia. I must say that watermelon ta-ta does look good and definitely brings a wide smile to the face.


Ah Hot Dogs

Hot dogs and sausages are the most incriminating food of all foods. We all know from high school and college that If you take the risk of eating a sausage you’re going to get those over used jokes questioning your sexuality.


Ham Fisted

Smoked ham is also defiantly on the list of inappropriate foods, and I can see what whoever took this photo was trying to do. But this is most definitely not the most inappropriate photo of ham that has ever been taken.


Lost in Translation

Being in a country where the language isn’t your mother tongue is always at least a little hard and challenging. Broken English is enough to get by in most day to day interactions, but running a business is a little more challenging.


That Was a Heavy-Set Chicken

Well that cut of chicken is definitely not thigh, it’s not breast, and it’s not leg either. I hear chicken dong is a specialty in certain parts of the world. In saying that I’ve never imagined I would see one that big.


Safe Manual Handling

Manual handling is a type of work that comes with innate dangers. If you do your lifting incorrectly, you’re just damaging your body and you only get one of those. This however is a new technique. Ass with care? Well placed by the sticker man.


Not My Childhood!

If you wish to spare your childhood, I’m sorry you should have averted your eyes for this one. It’s not just Minnie’s phallic shaped body that’s unfortunate here, Mickey’s hand placement is doing no favours. At least the gender confusion could maybe help equality…


Away from the Gutters

Come on guys you know it’s an illusion. No, they don’t make skirts with butt sized holes cut in them for you to peak through. And no, she didn’t forget to wear both underwear and pants to the bar. Maybe you really do have a dirty mind.


Ah Rock n’ Roll

This isn’t how it looks either, I swear. Although I must concede the evidence does lean slightly in your favour. Yes, there is a severe lack of clothes in this picture. And yes, rock n’ roll was a crazy era. But really this is just an illusion. Maybe it leans a little more than just slightly.

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