15 Adult Film Stars That Look Identical To Famous Celebrities

Most of the celebrities that we see on our television screens on a regular basis have not starred in an adult film (except a certain Kim Kardashian). We have crushes on these celebrities and have to do with what we can see them on TV. However, we have a list of 15 celebrities that look exactly like their adult film doppelgangers, who you can search for on the internet.


Rihanna and Lavish Styles the adult film star both look like they are long lost, sisters. They literally have the same colour tone and have eyes that look extremely alike. They often keep similar hairstyles that are hard to differentiate.

2.Miley Cyrus

Although we are surprised why Miley hasn’t made a video of her own yet, Capri Anderson from the adult film world is the perfect copy of Miley Cyrus before she decided to drop her locks. Both the stars share the same eyes.

3.Alicia Keys

No, Alicia Keys and Anetta Keys are not sisters. Both of them may look similarly close but it was Anetta who changed her last name from Smrhova to Keys. Anetta has enjoyed a fair bit of success after her resemblance to the singer became came out.

4.Kristen Kreuk

Kristen Kreuk and Danni Cole look like they could change roles and nobody would be able to guess that something has changed. Although, both the stars have enjoyed relative success in their roles, Danni Cole is definitely a star of the adult film industry.

5.Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift looks like the innocent, calm singer that keeps on dropping hit after hit. But, her doppelganger in Jana Jordan is completely different than the perception she has garnered. Jana loves adult roles and is a big name in the industry.

6. Olivia Wilde

There are not many people as beautiful as Olivia Wilde out there, but Sophie Lynx does come really close to looking just like her. The adult film star has eyes that look similar to Olivia’s. The nose is the only difference in our opinion.

7.Scarlett Johansson

For years Scarlett Johansson has been the uncrowned princess of tinsel town. She has been acclaimed for having the perfect figure. Jeanie Marie Sullivan, on the other hand, is an expert at her job and looks like she did the erotic scene in ‘Don Jon’.

8.Nicole Kidman

Now, these two are real doppelgangers. Put these 2 beautiful ladies close to each other and you really wouldn’t be able to tell who’s Nicole Kidman and who’s Diane Deluna. Diane Deluna looks too cute to be doing adult films btw.


Although we don’t find much of a resemblance between queen Shakira and Carmel Moore, the internet just can’t stop talking about how much they look alike. Help us through this conundrum by letting us know if these two really do look alike.

10.Elizabeth Hurley

Liz Hurley seriously needs to be commended for her carrying her good looks despite her age. She and Jenna Presly look alike and the photographic evidence backs this suggestion. Even their breast size seems to be the same here.

11. Leighton Meester

Have a look at Leighton Meester and you can bet that there won’t be anyone else as cute as her. But, Tori Black the adult film star is not far off when it comes to matching her cuteness. In fact, both the stars look extremely alike.

12. Ellen Paige

Ellen Paige, the Canadian actress is known for her gripping roles in many films. Her lookalike from the adult industry, Ariel Rebel is famous for how she grips stuff in her films. Both of them look similar and have the same body shape.

13. Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg got a lot of praise for her role in Euro Trip and Seventeen Again. But, both these films could have been made even raunchier if Missy was used as a stunt double. Both these girls look the same.

14. Jaime Pressly

Now, both of these Jaime Pressly and Jesse Jane are the embodiment of an extremely fit physique. Not only do they look alike, but their bodies are super fit as well. Choosing between the two could be a tough task since both of them are equally sexy.

15. Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman and Joanna Angel really do look alike. Imagine Joanna Angel without the tattoos and the pink hair and you would see what we are talking about. Sara Silverman has a great physique and Joanna matches that as well.

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