15 Best Movies That Correctly Portrayed Call Girls

Life of a Prostitution or call girls is a hard thing to portray on screen, however, there are various movies that try to show the life of the call girls from their point of view.

There are various experiment that the directors did to make this thing more appealing and understanding to the viewers, some of them get to succeed and some of them not.

well, here are top best 15 movies that ever made on Prostitution and call girls life that everyone should watch!

#1 Sugar Daddies:

The story of a college student girl who starts a mutual agreement relationship with 52 years businessman but her life turns ugly when things start going south.


#2 Sonny:

The story is about a male prostitute Sonny who wants to escape from his reality and how things messed up after that. It’s a brilliant film to watch on male sex worker point of view.


#3 Young & Beautiful:

The movie is french based on a girl who wants to experience more about the sex. And for that, she starts working as a call girl but things go downhill when she was charged against a death of a client whom she was having sex.


#4 The Escort:

A story of sex addict writer and prostitute who is graduated from Stanford University, where she let him write a story on her life and during the time of period he becomes her bodyguard. The movie is about two lonely souls and how they connect in most bizarre condition.


#5 The Girl Next Door:

High school story where a boy found his dream girl who starts living as a neighbor until he realizes that the girl is a Porn Actor and what happens next. The movie is considered as one of the classic hit that you should definitely watch.


#6 House of Tolerance:

One of the most praised movies which show the reality of a brothel. The story revolves around luxury brothel and the life of people who live in that condition. the movie also shows the hope and happiness, and how they deal with different aspects of life.


#7 True Romance:

A romance story of a nerd and a call girl who fall in love but they kill someone to keep their relationship hidden. However, the situation gets twisted when a mob starts following them for getting their cocaine bag back.


#8 Pretty Woman:

One of the must-watch movies who love romantic comedy. Pretty Woman is a story of a Prostitute who is hired by a rich businessman to act as girlfriend and spend a weekend but things get twisted up when they fall in love.

#9 Leaving Las Vegas:

Two people, one is an alcoholic screenwriter and another is a famous sex worker of Las Vegas from different backdrops met and fall into the relationship where they cant do anything about each other job.


#10 Klute:

An investigator falls in love with a girl who belonged to a Prostitution world when he has given a job to follow her. However, soon they know that he is not only who is following the girl but there is someone else who has targeted her as well.


#11 Requiem for a Dream:

A story that revolves around people who suffer from sex, drugs, addiction, and pain. its one of the finest film that is made by Darren Aronofsky that you should watch.


#12 From Hell:

Movie of Jonny Depp who played a role of detective finding out the killer who is murdering all prostitutes in the town. And how he falls in love with a girl who is dealing with Prostitution business.


#13 Edmond:

A simple businessman with his lovely wife, soon he starts seeking for something that he is missing until he encounters with something that changes his life forever.


#14 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me:

A town with lots of secrets and one unknown killer who keeps murdering people, and a story of an investigator and gorgeous lady. This is the only thing you can know about the movie and for more, you have to watch it.


#15 Risky Business:

A must watch if you like Tom cruise. No matter what role he is playing, the story is about a rich kid who changes his parent’s house into the brothel for money and filled with hookers while his parents are out of the town.

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