15 Epic Moments From F.R.I.E.N.D.S That Prove Joey and Food Have a Better Chemistry Than Anyone

If you are a fan of the show “Friends,” or have ever watched TV, or really as long as you don’t live under a rock, you know who Joey Tribbiani is. He’s the group ladies man, a struggling actor and everyone’s best friend. Throughout the course of 10 seasons, Joey makes all of his fans laugh out loud at his hilarious antics. Every episode of “Friends” has incredible Joey moments, some better than others.

I know there were some other relationships as well that are memorable moments from the show like Chandler’s perfectly timed sarcasm and jokes, Phoebe’s weird songs, etc. But what I feel is that show showed more about the relationship Joey had with food.

Remember when Chandler was hired as an assistant by Joey and the codes he made?

‘I am lost, and I can’t find food’, ‘Bring me Food’, ‘I am with a girl, bring us food’, all of these dialogues are epic and they remind us how Joey’s world revolved around food only.

Scroll down to see some of the Joey moments from the epic show:

#1. Joey can climb any mountain when it comes to food!

#2. Friendship is one thing, Joey knows his priorities well.

#3. Joey can tell you the taste and the ingredients of anything.

#4. He has the power to invent his own finger licking items.

#5. He won’t let you waste anything in eatable items.

#6. You should eat all the time, even when you are taking a bath.

#7. The sadness you can see on his face when the jam bar is empty.

#8. Because Pizza is his food to survive.

#9. He doesn’t care what he looks like.

#10. After all, that’s what you live for.

#11. No money sharing, but you can definitely ask him to share food.

#12. When he uses maternity pant so that he clothes don’t become a hurdle in between his food.

#13. He can even have girls on bread to eat.

#14. Always remember this Golden rule, or else you have to go through his rage of anger.

#15. He cares so much about everything.

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