These 15 Instagram Celebrity Follow Amazing Posture for Sexy Body

One only needs to browse through the endless stream of Instagram photos and compare what looks like perfection to our lackluster selves. Those Instagram models and celebrities have picture perfect bodies that are photogenic to the camera’s prying lens.

These men and women (mostly women) distort the definition of what it means to be beautiful in their attempts to look perfect. But here are 15 pictures to prove that these celebrities are just like us – humans.

The trucks

Madalin Giorgetta hails from Pert, Western Australia and posed a rather revealing picture. While she definitely looks tantalizing in both pictures, she is flexing on the right to create a more impressive posture. Madalin has more than 537,000 followers on Instagram.

Before and after?

This picture has all the hallmarks of what a before and after picture looks like. But Fitology_uk took this picture merely three minutes apart and all she did was change the angle of her body and held her arms up.

Body positivity

Body positive model Jesse King also hails from Perth, Western Australia and has a large following on Instagram. She demonstrates how easy it is to appear more petite by pulling your pants up and pushing your hips back.

The belly bulge

Instagram model Anna Victory definitely has an extremely athletic, photogenic body. But even she is not immune to the belly fat pronouncing its effect when taking a seat. She captions, “Not every angle is your best angle and that’s ok.”

The belly effect

No one wants to show a gut which protrudes. We all want the world to the perfect version of our bodies, and Hailey Battencourt from Nashville proves just how easily this can be achieved. All you have to do is, “suck in”.

The posture matters

Ashlea James who hails from London has shown that all you need to look hot is to give off confident facial impressions on camera. No one likes to see a depressing person, even if such a person is ‘beautiful’.

Same girl, different angles

In both of these pictures she can be seen smiling and giving off the impression that she lives a happy life. But she raises her arms on the left side while sits on the right. Sitting can cause belly fats to everyone.

Unappealing cellulite

Both pictures show the unappealing effect of what cellulite can do to the body. Instagram model Plankingforpizza, from the US, claims that she appears far more appealing on the left simply because it was taken in better lighting conditions.

3 second transformation

Another example of what a transformation typically looks like. Emily Skye from Australia demonstrates just how easy it is to appear ‘ripped’, ‘fit’ and ‘muscular’ – all you need to do is suck all the air in and pose with a smile.

These pictures are not months apart

Instagram model Tiffany Brien from Belfast took this insightful picture just a few seconds apart to prove how easy it is to appear photogenic to the camera. It is so easy to assume that both pictures were taken months apart.

Two different moods

Both the pictures represent two different moods. Instagram model Selfloveclub from the UK flexes her back and breathes in to give us a perfect selfie. In the next picture she sits with a sad demeanor and breathes and ‘looks’ obese.

Two different picture – same girl

Instagram model Selfloveclubb copes with her body dysmorphia mental disorder by taking selfie of her body before and after. She writes in the caption, “same girl, same day, same time.’ In the first pic she covers her belly fat by lifting up the tights.

Before and after?

Another resounding example of what simple camera tricks, posturing and angles can do to completely change your look. We all have a good camera side and a bad one. It helps to focus on the good and ignore the bad.

This is how humans look 99% of the time

The picture on the right is how most of us look 99% of the time. The picture on the left is when we’re aware that the camera is staring into us. Anna Victoria demonstrates the profound difference between camera angles.

She is a fitness model

No fitness model worth her salt would ever look like the left picture. But truth is, fit or unfit, ripped or bulky, every single person looks like ‘obese’ and ‘fat’ when they sit. It’s human nature, and it is beautiful

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