15 Perfectly Timed Photos You Must To See

Timing is everything despite the fact that time itself is flawed. We use time to tell us what we should be doing at a particular time and a measurement of how we spend our days doing what want.

If you think about the concept of time really doesn’t mean anything because we can control it but, when our timing is right or things are perfectly timed it means everything.

We’re not trying to pull a Jedi mind trick on you guys but, to provide you with a worthy topic to critically think about after you check out these dope perfectly timed photos we’ve compiled. Check them out.

Airplane Snacks:

Can you imagine if giraffes were actually extremely aggressive animals and not the gentle giants we’ve come to know and love?

That’d be some scary sh*t. Luckily, this photo was just perfectly timed and the giraffe wasn’t harmed or the giraffe wasn’t trying out its own personal version of King Kong swatting planes out the sky.

Nuts For Nuts

It’s kind of funny that squirrels get a pass from society when they’re virtually the same thing as rats. They might be a little more athletic and feature a bushy tail but, really what’s the difference?

What we do know is that from the looks of this photo, squirrels might be a little dangerous than they lead us to believe. Check out those claws.

The Deep End

We’ve seen some wild jumps into pools in our days but none have ever been captured on film like this one.

The hand placement to the side of the body doesn’t technically make this a textbook dive and from the nonchalant body language of the diver, he could be trying to drown himself.

Let’s hope he came for air in a timely manner after this photo was snapped.

Training Wheels

From the calmness and phone conversation this young man continue to carry out, we have a feeling this isn’t his first rodeo but, we do have some questions to ask.

How exactly did this happen and how exactly do you stop without flying over the handlebars?


Everything about this particular photo is what we’d consider art. From the inverted imagery in the actual bubble to the balance of hues to the 50% dissipation of the right side of the bubble, this is amazing.

No wonder small children and household pets love these things. If we had the ability to slow down the popping process of a bubble more adults would play with bubbles more often.

Break Dancing

We’re very cautious when it comes to large bodies of water and being around our cronies. At any given time you can end up like this guy and be just another victim of water-based pranks.

One thing he did nail though was the perfect break dancing leg spin before hitting the lake. Salute.

A Real Life Pegasus?

Greek mythology has provided us with a ton of majestic wildlife that we wish actually walked the earth but truly never existed but, hey we can dream right?

And this might be the closest we’ll ever get to see a real-life Pegasus when in reality this little guy looks like it could possibly fall victim to what could be vultures.

The Yawn

Art imitates life but in this case is life imitating art? That’s the question.

Dogs have to be some of the greatest beings to ever hit planet earth, they’re supportive, loyal, and don’t make you feel bad about being gluttonous sometimes because they’re always down for a meal themselves. They’re perfect.

Slow Dancing

We’ve seen a lot of crazy things looking directly outside of our windows but, we don’t think we’ve ever seen something quite as strange as this.

Two cats slow dancing to Maxwell’s, ‘This Woman’s Work’? That’s definitely a first in our book.

Male Witches?

We always thought that witches weren’t that scary, to begin with. Green skin, horrible teeth, large mole on the nose, not scary.

But a witch rocking Oakley sunglasses, wearing boat shoes, in search of the next frat kegger with his witch bros? That’s horrifying.

Wipe out

Waters ports look like an amazing adrenaline rush but, what wipe out have you seen look like it didn’t hurt?

People forget that bodies of water are unforgiving at times and have the ability to be as hard as concrete at any given moment.

Let’s hope this guy was having more fun than his face is showing as well.

I Believe I Can Fly

Matter of fact, all extreme sports have the adrenaline rush factor instilled in them but, is it truly worth it.

From the looks of the bystanders, this is the highlight of their day but, from the expression on the face of the cyclist, he regrets taking off from that ramp.

Where was this young man expecting to land anyway? If anyone has after pictures feel free to contact us.

A Bug’s Life

Looks like we have yet another artistic photo on our hands and perfectly-timed as well.

This one has us thanking the universe that ants and all insects for that matter don’t have the ability to grow as large as us or bigger.

Humanity would definitely be in trouble and we have a feeling some of these species would want revenge by any means necessary.

Got Caught Staring

Ladies, we have a secret you probably are knowledgeable about, that we’re going to reveal, we as men, occasionally take a peek at all of your most seductive reason.

Whether it be breasts, thighs, or butts we can’t help ourselves sometimes and pictures like these are snapped at the perfect time. We hope all is forgiven for our pervy ways at times.

The Hat Trick

This young fella has the most beautiful set of legs and heels we’ve ever seen on a young man. Luckily, this isn’t exactly the case but the work of some angling, camera work, and timing.

After this image has gone viral, we’re pretty sure this young man gets request to show a little more leg a lot more often these days.

Timing is everything.

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