15 Most Perfectly Timed Slo-Mo Pictures

1. 3 Balloons captured perfectly.

2. Mixing of colors in slo-Mo. What can be more beautiful.

3. Punch through the water.

4. Take the milk from the tea.

5. A pretty amazing photo of vibrations and deformations suffered by a crash cymbal as a drummer play on it, all filmed in ultra slow motion at 1000 frames per sec

6. Amazing Soap Bubble Bursting Photo In Slow Motion

7. Bullet through an apple.

8. Just wow…

9. Glass Prince Rupert’s Drops Being Shot With .22 Magnum and .38 Special Bullets

10. Just before the fun begins.

11. Slow Motion Photos Of Dogs Shaking Their Heads

12. A Volcano? No, its just a water drop.


13. Fragmenting.

bulb explosion

14. Dart bursting through a balloon.

15. Dust and a Lady.



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