15 Hilarious S*x Questions That Are Asked By People Online

All you need is one penis and a vagina. Isn’t that sex simple? Unfortunately sex isn’t that simple for some people in this world.

Here are 15 of the most hilarious, downright stupid questions asked by users about sex online:

1. How does her boyfriend even do that? Like, HOW?

2. Don’t know about virginity but she really needs her brain back! 

3. Anybody else curious?

4. What’s the definition of sleeping, again?

5. It’s spelled ‘MASTURBATION’, dude! 

6. Interesting question!

7. Bieber fan spotted

8. Way too much love for pizza!

9. Umm… use your finger, maybe?

10. This boy really deserves to know!

11. The boy is quite hands-on!

12. He’s surely a married man.

13. It’s just a cold.

14. Love for Penis

15. Anyone else want seduction skills!


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