The 20 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018 By Critics!

There are a number of beautiful women on planet Earth. Each one of them is beautiful in her own way, style, and professions. Here we bring to you the list of the most beautiful faces of 2018 by critics. Watch Out!


1.Liza Soberano

Liza has been termed as the woman with the most beautiful face in 2018 by critics. She is a Filipino-American actress and model and has been a part of many television series and films.

2. Thylane Blondeau

The 16 year model and actress from France has managed to grab the tag of second most beautiful women in 2018 by critics.

3. Chou Tzu-yu

The Chu, 18 is a Taiwanese singer and is renowned as Tzuyu. She is based in South Korea and is very gorgeous.

4. Sarah Gadon

The 30-year-old Canadian actress has been a part of A Dangerous Method and Cosmopolis. She also appeared as a guest star in television series Are you afraid of the Dark. The woman is admired throughout the globe for her beautiful face.

5. Im Jin-ah

She is well known by her stage name Nana and is a South-Korean singer, actress, and model. This 26-year-old woman has one of the most beautiful faces as per the critics.

6. Jourdan Dunn

She is a black English model and actress. She appeared on the International runways in 2007 and has achieved global fame.

7. Adelaide Kane

This 27-year-old Australian beauty achieved fame with her role in Australian soap opera Neighbours. She has been acclaimed globally for her beautiful face.

8. Ju Jingyi


Ju, 23 is a Chinese singer and actress. She was a member of Chinese Idol Girl Group SNH48. This woman is one of the top 20 beautiful faces by critics.

9. Golshifteh Farahani

This 34-year-old Iranian actress, musician, and singer has one of the most beautiful faces and has been internationally recognized for her work in films.

10. Camilla Belle

The beautiful American actress has been a part of Strange Calls, 10,000 BC, The Quiet, Push, and Breakaway. She has been ranked as the tenth most beautiful face by critics.

11. Antonia Clara

Antonia is a Romanian singer, performer, and model. She has moved to the United States at the age of five and is very popular in the modeling world.

12. Bella Heathcote

The 30-year-old Australian beauty made her debut in 2008 and is one of the most beautiful women on the planet according to critics.

13. Audreyana Michelle

Born in Oklahoma City the model has worked for Next Miami, Premier London, and Freedom Models Los Angeles.

14. Emma Watson

The Harry Potter fame actress is one the owner of the most beautiful face of the film industry. The 27-year-old actress has won many hearts with that charming face.

15. Lalisa Manoban

This 20-year-old actress from Bangkok has been ranked as the 15th most beautiful face by the critics in 2018.

16. Oktyabrina Maximov

This woman has been crowned as the 16th most beautiful woman in 2018 by critics.

17. Yael Shelbia

The actress with green eyes has been rightly ranked by the critics as she can win any heart!

18. Jennie Kim

This 21-year-old South Korean beauty is reigning many hearts across the globe.

19. Lupita Nyong’o

The Mexican beauty began her career in Hollywood as a Production Assistant and look where she has reached today.

20. Taylor Hill

Taylor is an American fashion and is the current Victoria’s Secret Angel from 2015.

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