20 Years On, This Deleted Clip Of Titanic Has Emerged & It’ll Break Your Heart All Over Again!

Twenty years and several reruns later, looks like there are some things about the movie Titanic that are yet to unfold.

In the course of its epic three hour and fifteen minute run, James Cameron’s Titanic manages to deliver some pretty memorable and punchy scenes.

Scenes that make you laugh, such as Rose spitting off the side of the ship; scenes that spawned countless annoying photo opportunities – “I’m the king of the world,” we’re looking at you; and scenes that make you shake your fist at Rose .

Given the immensely tragic nature of what happened, the film also delivers its fair share of heartbreaking moments.

Now one deleted extended scene has been unearthed – and it’s absolutely haunting.

A shorter version of the scene, which takes place at the end, was included in the film’s final cut.

This one minute and thirty-eight seconds clip takes us to the last scene of the film, when the survivors are taken onboard the rescue ship Carpathia. Rose can be seen arriving in the last life boat that rescued her from the freezing water. Covered in blankets, the devastation of losing Jack is evident on her deathly pale face. The camera also pans to her mother who is frantically searching for her daughter.

Apart from, Rose we can also see the dejection and pain of loosing their loved ones on the faces of survivors. Even though there are no dialogues in this clip, the morose sound track and the sadness on the faces of the survivors will make you relive the tragedy, all over again.

Watch the clip here:

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