40 Pics Of Girls Who Are Freed From Their Bra Prison in Support of “Free The Nipple” Campaign and posted in their Social Account.

In 2012, filmmaker Lina Esco started this campaign in New York City. She created a documentary of herself running through the streets of New York topless. As the documentary was being made, she posted teaser clips with the hashtag #FreeTheNipple. In 2013, Facebook removed these clips from its website for violating its guidelines. In 2014, several celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Lena Dunham, Chelsea Handler, Rihanna, and Chrissy Teigen posted photos on social media to show their support of Esco’s initiative.

We all know that a bra is a form-fitting undergarment designed to support a woman’s breasts. But, how many girls truly are happy and comfortable wearing it? Is it a want or is it a need? If these girls sincerely answer, then I am sure that they wish to be freed from their bra prison. Now, with the mentality of the society-changing, there are girls thronging out in the open without wearing a bra. This has made venturing out more enjoyable, with braless girls coming pointing at you.

A prison is termed as hell and so the same is for these girls, who had to be bound in this bra prison, all this while. But now, girls are no more in the mood to be a slave anymore. It’s a free world and freedom is the priority for everybody, with everything. We all have been given the right to choose and do what is comfortable for us. So let these girls get freed from their bra prison and enjoy freedom, too.

1. The freedom walk.

2. Don’t expose the wrong, what’s right about you.

3. They have it, so they brag about it.

4. There’s a new law, you could be in prison for your thinking.

5. Girls have many hidden talents.

6. The only thing you look down upon and approve at the same time.

7. They are proof, that men can concentrate on two things at once.

8. Say ‘Hello’ to all of them.

9. Every step should be taken cautiously after being freed.

10. They make men talk to them.

11. Getting freed is to grow and develop.

12. Freedom at last from the bra prison.

13. The ones that are freed, will own the future.

14. Believing in freedom.

15. Real freedom is how others measure their lives.


16. Freedom is a noble thing!

17. Great happiness does freedom brings.

18. That’s why men are called suckers.

19. The weak or the timid can never get freed.

20. Freedom has a thousand charms to show.

21. Freedom is the right to live as we wish.

22. Don’t let the bra prison perish you.

23. Forgetting the prison life and enjoying a cup of coffee is called freedom.

24. Born Free!

25. Selfie is meant for those who think they are not perfect.

26. The moment you are freed, everything can be figured out.

27. In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.

28. If I come with instructions, you can never handle me.

29. She who is brave is freed.

30. The bra is a struggle for all girls.

31. Without the bra, it’s like Silicon Valley.

32. It’s a free open ride with no bras.

33. She carries the wonder with her, that we all seek.

34. She always hangs inside my soul forever.

35. Happiness is working with great people.

36. Real beauty is the visibility of the invisible.

37. When life gives you curves, why not flaunt them?

38. Everybody is on the lookout for inner peace.

39. Anyone on a diet?

40. You can never go wrong with white.

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