5 Best Zombie Movies you MUST watch


Zombies. We always have wondered what would happen if the world someday had an encounter with zombies. How will we survive? What tactics will we use? Will it be fun or or all we die to the Brainless Human eating Walking dead.


In this post, we will look at the best 5 Zombie movies which have come out till date. And I bet if you are a fan of this Horror/zombie/vampire (Excluding the twilight franchise) genre, you will love every movie in the list.


5. World War Z

You can see everything through this movie. Full of action and the movie really draws you in. I would definitely recommend. As I was watching the movie, I felt like I was in the scene. Every time a zombie was chasing after someone, every time the zombie was biting someone.

It was very intense and the animations and acting is spot on. There was action throughout the movie from the beginning to the end. There were certain parts of the movie that I did not enjoy however, particularly the ending. Nevertheless, this movie kept on in suspense and it made me want to watch more movies of it’s kind.


4. I Am Legend

Do you love Dogs? If yes, then I assure you, you will cry in this movie. This movie looks at the survival of one person (Will Smith) and how he manages his life. The trip to broken shops and search for foods. This movie however more than a Zombie apocalypse feels more like a survival film. 

The movie goes from a light and slow paced start to a fast paced moving drama.  



A film that I make an effort to watch at least once a year, Zack Snyder’s remake of the classic original is a breathless action film which only shares the location (a shopping mall) with its source material. It’s not the thinking man’s zombie movie, but I will be damned if it isn’t the most entertaining, set up perfectly by a relentless opening sequence.


2. 28 Days Later

This film is about a virus, ‘Rage’ virus that makes the infected person mad with extreme rage and hungry for blood. Within 28 days one outbreak in London caused entire Britain dead or evacuated leaving behind a blood-thirsty infected population and a handful of solitary normal persons. Civilization came to a halt, society got destroyed while those limited survivors fight for existence among frequent attack by the vicious victims.

Sounds familiar? Then what makes “28 Days Later…” a classic among a horde of zombie/biohazard movies? Simply a touch of art that Danny Boyle is able to bring what others could not. The others focus too much on extensive, special-effects-controlled, gory action sequences between infected and normals, with heavy background music. But here there’s always a tinge of sadness, emptyness, helplessness. Consider that empty London scene with that background music. We found out there’s much else to show than just electrifying action or gore to describe the picture of life in this condition that these movies talk about.

There are mistakes and loopholes in this movie. But that couldn’t weaken the otherwise tight-gripping storyline. The greatest achievement of this movie is to make one viewer stay neutral throughout the film, without taking any side in the first place. Because the virus we talk about is simply used as a metaphor. ‘Rage’ is shown as a social disease. That makes it a ‘serious’ film, not a flick. Every person, even the harshest critic of zombie horror movies should watch this. 5 out of 5 stars.

Oh, did I mention Cillian Murphy was awesome?


1. Train to Busan

To start of, TRAIN TO BUSAN is the best zombie/survival movie till date. The emotions, the drama, the chase and everything is just the best so far.

Making zombie blockbuster movies outside of Hollywood is not an easy task. Money is the biggest problem, of course. Since it takes a lot of money, success should be guaranteed before making a movie is decided. However, because there are no other precedents, you can’t tell whether it’s going to succeed or not. This bad cycle kept Korean directors from making zombie blockbusters.

This tells how bold movement it was to make ‘Train to Busan’. This movie was destined to be ‘hit’ or ‘flop’ and it turns out to be ‘hit’. Then, this gives a food for thought. What made this Korean zombie blockbuster movie which is definitely unfamiliar to Korean people successful? Ironically, the secret lies in familiarity. Let’s take a look at this movie. Yes, it has zombies, but is this movie all about them? No. Unlike 28 days later or resident evil, this movie actually doesn’t care about zombies that much. Zombies are not explained much. Their origin, their ability, cure for zombies…These are the things that are not being handled well in the movie. In this movie, zombies are just tools to represent ‘threats’.

The main theme of this movie is about how people react to threats. Selfishness, altruism, violence, love and much more are being depicted in this movie. And Korean people are quite accustomed to these elements. When directors mix these elements well, then the movie becomes a hit, just like this one. 


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