5 Concept Car That Already Unveiled in 2017

Here are some of the concept car already unveiled in 2017

1. Honda showed the NeuV concept car teaser images already in December, but it officially made it’s debut at CES. The car is self driving and electric and according to Honda the car has artificial intelligence that can read human emotions to improve the driving experience.

2. BMW showed their new concept car where they solely concentrate on the interiors of the car. HoloActive Touch, an evolution of its Gesture Control system currently found in the flagship 7-Series sedans. Just wave your hands and a free-floating projection will mimic interactions like a physical touchscreen.

3. Nissan showed off its VMotion concept at the Detroit Auto Show. It has a very good geometrical design.

4. Volkswagen unveiled a concept car which is a SUV the atlas in this month. The concept comes with a cargo box that can expand into a 17.7 cubic-foot container.

5. Toyota showed their new concept car at CES 2017 that has some technology like Honda’s NeuV. The vehicle has artificial intelligence assistant named Yui that is designed to engage you in stuffs like conversation, so you stay aware while driving.

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