5 Interesting facts about The Universe that will blow your mind

When we look up at the sky, we always think that we are not alone. We know that the universe is vast and beautiful but we are not sure how vast it is and there must be somewhere someone like us. We call it our Universe but somewhere they are also thinking it the same way.

Below we have collected some of the mysterious facts about the universe.

1. On Saturn it may rain millions of pounds of diamond every year.

The atmosphere of Saturn has such a high heat and pressure that it can squeeze carbon into diamond in the mid air.

2. All of space is completely silent.

Sound waves need a medium to travel. As there is no atmosphere so it is silent.

3. You are looking at the stars which may actually a dead star.

So it is possible that you look up at the sky to see a dead star. Stars are billions of light years away from us. So when we see a star it may not be there anymore.

4. When two pieces of same type of metal touch each other they permanently stuck together.

This effect is called cold welding. It is because the individual atoms have no way to know they are different. This won’t happen in earth because there is air, or water in earth’s atmosphere. This effect has lot of implication in space constructions.

5. Our Galaxy Milky Way is going to collide with Andromeda Galaxy

Scientists have predicted that Milky Way (our galaxy) is going to collide with another galaxy Andromeda in 4 billion years. They also said that collision will likely fling the sun into another spot in the galaxy and it will not destroy the earth.

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