5 Questions we have during the wait of season 7 of Game of Thrones

After finishing all six season of the game of thrones we have to wait till 16 july for the first episode of season 7. The story of dragons, wargs and gratuitous sex and blood is ready to distract us from our real life.

Here are 5 questions we have before the first episode:

1.Where and when will Daenerys land?

Daenerys has the most powerful army with her and we have seen her heading towards the Westeros with them. The question is where exactly that will be. She could make for King’s Landing directly and try for a successful rerun of the Battle of Blackwater Bay — a distinct possibility, since Tyrion Lannister, the city’s savior, is now on her side. But what if she runs into trouble in the sea? What if she gets white walker in the way to Westeros?

2. Will Arya rejoin her family?

Arya is the one who doesn’t know what all these happen to Winterfell. After crossing the Narrow Sea way too quickly and stabbing the hell out of Walder Frey, Arya seems ready for a classic revenge bender, but might be safer traveling North to her remaining siblings. Then again, when two or more Starks congregate in one place, zero leave alive. 

3.What will happen to Bran?

He only accidentally killed a man last season (to say nothing of poor Jojen’s earlier sacrifice for the Raven) — will Bran bring certain destruction upon the seven kingdoms via warging and White Walkers? BRAN CAN U STOP.

4.How will Cersie be as a Queen of the Iron Throne?

We have seen Cersie is all set to be the Queen of the Iron Throne. Will see be a strong queen after losing all her children? 

5.Will Jon Snow find out about his true parentage?

Jon doesn’t know about his parents yet. Who will tell him about his parents? Ned stark promised him to tell about his mother but he is dead. So are the White Wolf’s real mother and father, Ned’s sister Lyanna and Dany’s older brother Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. What was the truth of their relationship?

Here is the teaser of season 7 of Game of Thrones:

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