5 Times Eminem Stole The Other Artists Show

We  all know how much people love Eminem. This can be seen from the below videos. We have compiled some of his live concert videos where he stole the show from the other artists.

You can see the kind of love people have for him. When he entered the stage people starts screaming.

Here are the videos:

5. Eminem KiLLS the show Drake & Forever 2016 Tour Detriot – Monster Appearance

4. Eminem suddenly appeared at the concert Rihanna

3. Drake Brings Out Eminem to Perform Forever At OVO Fest

2. Eminem Joins 50 Cent for Rare Surprise Performance

1. 50 Cent Ft. Eminem – Patiently Waiting

There are many reasons to love him.

Here are some reasons:

  • Eminem sings a lot about life’s struggles, and because many people see themselves in his struggles, they like him. 
  • He is very good at writing. Everybody agree to that he is very good with words.
  • Many of Eminem’s songs inspire people and help them feel good about themselves by tearing down the ones who don’t like them.
  • Many of Eminem’s songs are emotionally charged that they charge the listener. Some people listen to Eminem to get the energy and motivation needed to act.


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