7 Indian Television Series Characters That Changed Indian Entertainment Forever

This post is dedicated to some of the greatest characters and their artists, who created milestones in the history of Indian televisions. Sometimes when I recall the image of lord krishna as personification in form of human then I end up with image of Nitish Bharadwaj, such was the impact of these television character .

1. Nitish Bharadwaj as Lord Krishna in MAHABHARAT

The MAHABHARAT is an Indian television serial which is based on the epic MAHABHARAT.  Nitish Bharadwaj played the role of much loved character Krishna which is the actually incarnation of God Vishnu.

2. Akhilendra Mishra as Kroor Singh in CHANDRAKANTA

Chandrakanta is an Indian Fantasy television series partly based on Devki Nandan Khatri’s novel of same name. It was originally telecast on DD National between 1994 and 1996 and was produced by Nirja Guleri and directed by Sunil Agnihotri.

The serial started with story oysters chandrakantas search for her prince but ended up with Sabiyas story. The series was restarted in 1999, but production was stopped once again due to financial problems. In the last episode, Chandrakanta had been kidnapped by Shivdutt.

3. Mukesh Khanna as Shaktimaan in SHAKTIMAAN

Shaktimaan  is a fictional Indian Super Hero from the television series of the same name produced by Mukesh Khanna and directed by Dinakar Jani.
Since the dawn of mankind, humanity was at peace until the arrival of Kali Yuga. Since then, greed and hatred has taken over humanity and has been deteriorating it for past 6000 years. To end this, a mystical sect of saints known as “Suryanshis” chose a man to rise up against all odds and defeat the evil prevailing within society. He was taught the way to energize the 7 chakras of body through Kundalini Yoga that helped him get mystical and supernatural powers. During his training, he also conducted the ritual of death in order to get total control over his powers by entering the holy fire and immersing his physical body in it.

4. Dara Singh as Hanuman in RAMAYAN

 Ramayan is an Indian epic television series, which aired during 1987-1988, created, written, and directed by Ramanand Sagar. The story is based on Indian epic named ramayan. Where Dara Singh had played a role of hamuman (monkey), whwo help Rama ( incarnation of Vishnu) in defeating ravana and returning with his wife to their kingdom.

5. Shivaji Satam as ACP Pradyuman in CID

The series is an investigative series consisting of criminal cases that are solved by the Crime Investigation Depertment. ACP Pradyuman , Senior Inspector Abhijeet , Senior Inspector Daya  and Inspector Fredricks are an elite quadro of officers, who pursue criminals through detailed investigation along with their Sub-Inspectors and also seek the help of professional forensic expert Dr. R. P. Salunkhe  to solve high-profile cases.

6. Arun Govil as Vikram in VIKRAM AUR BETAAL

Vikram Aur Betaal is based on Betaal Pacchisi, written nearly 2,500 years ago by Mahakavi Somdev Bhatt. These are spellbinding stories told to the wise King Vikramaditya by the wily ghost Betaal.

There are a series of stories that are narrated by Betaal and each story have some moral values and as soon the Vikram Spell a word the Betaal vanishes and is placed to the same tree as per their negotiation.

7. Rajeev Mehta as Praful Parekh in KHICHDI

Khichdi follows the story of a Gujarati family called Parekhs, who live in an old mansion. The joint family encounters many typically Indian situations, but they try to solve it in the most atypical fashion imaginable.

This is a funny bunch of people that is firmly united in their movement to get separated.  Khichdi is a look at the lighter side of an Indian joint family.

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