7 Psychological Differences Between Men & Women That’ll Surely Take You By Surprise

Recent researches, psychology and biology have pointed out many differences between men and women that can help us understand them both in a better way.

Sometimes the main reason communication problems happen between men and women is that they don’t quite understand the differences between themselves well.

Had men and women understood their psychological and biological differences they would have understood each other better and less problems would have happened between them.

Below are 7 psychological differences between men and women:

#1. Communication skills & body language.

The communication center inside a woman’s brain is much larger than the communication center inside a man’s brain. Women are generally better able to process words and to use language than men provided that all other factors are constant.Women pay special attention to words, read in between lines and can notice the body language of people along with their facial expressions in a much better way than men.

#2. Men care way too little about what women say.

Women care way too much about what men say–except when those men are in positions of actual power, such as are held by politicians or members of the clergy, who are making decisions and choices that will affect the deepest recesses and corners of our most intimate lives without actually, like, consulting us. In that case, we should listen even more closely. Maybe even speak up.

#3. Sharing vs problem solving.

Men in general are more independent than women. They even prefer to solve their problems alone without talking about them. Women on the other hand become distressed if they didn’t share their problems with their friends even if their friends weren’t able to provide solutions. This is a famous point of conflict where a woman tells her man about a problem with the intention of sharing it with him then becomes surprised by the man’s single line answer (which is intended to provide a solution to the problem). This is also the reason why women go to bathroom in groups, they just like to share the experience of the day together in a place where no man can watch them

#4. How you look

Men care way too much about how women look. Men can get attached to a woman easily just because she looks hot. Women care as little as they can possibly stand caring about how men look.

#5. Aggression vs diplomacy.

Women are biologically wired to avoid conflict unless some other psychological factor comes into play and affects their original nature (such as hating their identity,see Masculine protest). Men on the other hand are much more aggressive in general. Researches have shown that men are better than women in recognizing angry faces and this enables them to quickly notice their opponents. A typical woman would try to avoid conflict and maintain peace while a typical man will hardly back off if someone threatened or challenged him.

#6. Logical thinking vs emotional thinking.

Men in general can take decisions without being emotionally affected that much while women in general take into consideration other factors that are related to emotions that most men overlook.

#7. Women’s smiles are situational

Women will smile even when they are unhappy until a certain point of intimacy occurs (perhaps the procurement of the third drink or, in some more severely regulated communities, the birth of the third child) after which they might never smile again, even for professional photographs, although when they’re actually happy, they’ll laugh themselves silly. They just won’t fake it anymore. Men will either smile or not smile as evidenced by pictures taken of them from infancy onwards. Men’s smiles are not situational. They are constitutional; they are genetically determined.

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