7 Revenge Stories That Will Make You Think Twice Before Being An Asshole To Someone

Below we have compiled some of the funniest, wittiest revenge stories. From people getting even with cheating spouses and ex-partners, to parents getting their own back on babies and even goats seeking retribution, you’re sure to find an act of revenge to suit every occasion.

We don’t recommend you to try any of this. Below is the list have some laugh with this stories.

1. Found Out The Girl I Slept With Has A Boyfriend The Next Day. Left This Note Under The Toilet Seat Where Hopefully Only He’ll See It

2. Tattoo Revenge

3. Stray Dog Kicked By Driver Returns With A Pack Of Friends To Trash His Car

4. Well Deserved Dump

5. Revenge of the nerd

6. Yeah, You’re An Asshole. Unfortunately For You, So Am I

7. Man Illegally Parks In Handicap Spot, Pranksters Cover The Car In Sticky Notes

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