7 Signs That Makes You a Back Bencher In School

There are so many memories that bring back smiles and tears. Whenever anyone asks us what was the best and the worst moments in our life, The answer always zeroes down to the same place ” School/College”.

If you were a back bencher, you would have definitely come across all these.

1. Talk about the front bench girl,  when the teacher is taking your class.

Your class notebook is the rescue in this case. You will do all kind of conversation by writing down because making sound is like inviting teacher for punishment.

2. Your teacher almost giving you heartache by asking you question all of a sudden when you are in the middle of some interesting topics with your friends.

And, you are left with no option but to stand like a fool in front of everybody in pin drop silent mode. Pretty embarrassing! but in some case the guy with answer become your best buddies for that moment.

3. And the funniest moment is when all the last bencher friends have to stand in line making same faces. Birds of the same feather indeed flock together.

And still making fun of teacher or some random guy while standing

4. There will not be a single day when you don’t have to share the books because someone or the other surely forgets to bring it.

But the guy who always forget to bring the book comes up with heighest marks among us.

5. The friendship bond is stronger than any other bond we study in chemistry.

And the back bencher friendship becomes BHAI  and we live like brothers.

6. Your bench will be marked with the names of your crushes.

Some times we have quarrel for writing others girlfriend name on our benches.

7. And lastly, the joys of the ‘back bench’ would never have been discovered without them.

We get a very good understanding of life siting from last bench and learn from others on how they deal with the situation as there is saying Its better to learn from others mistake than doing yourself and learning…


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