8 Must visit cities in the world that you should visit too

We picked some of the world’s cities based on how beautiful they are, how much fun you will get, how much they offer to the tourist in terms of food, sightseeing, art and culture of the cities. There are lot many but we present before you the eight of all the cities.

Here goes the list:

8.Barcelona, Spain

Famous for its football the city is one of the beautiful city in the world. Barcelona has a humid subtropical climate bordering a maritime Mediterranean sea, with mildly cool winters and hot, muggy summers, while the rainiest seasons are autumn and spring.

Barcelona’s beaches are breath taking and views are spectacular. It also has the stadiums that hosts world cup matches and also so many architectures everywhere. At night you wil see lot of night restaurants that serves so many good foods for you.

7.Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Named for its beginning as a dam on the Amstel River this water based city is a feat in both architecture and beauty. Nicknamed as the Venice of the north due to its many canals Amsterdam is balanced between its nature and men made creations. You can see world’s oldest stock exchange the Anne Frank House and the van gogh museum.


6.Berlin, Germany

Once a divided city Berlin now evolves great in terms of its culture and architecture. From museums to historical places like Berlin walls, it’s never ending parties, street arts where you can leave your history the city has lot more to offer it’s visitors.

5.Rome, Italy

It was founded in 753BC. The city allows visitors the view of the past. Known for its fashion art and sites like the Coliseum it is considered one of the birth places of western civilization. But the visit to the city will be incomplete without the glimpse of Roman Way of life and food, drink, cinema and opera.

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