Adnan Sami gets trolled by Pakistani Twitterati after he tweets on Snapchat fiasco

After a former employee of Snapchat alleged that its CEO Evan Spiegel had once called India “too poor” for the social media app, people across the country outraged against him and went on an #uninstallsnapchat spree. 

From people trolling Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel’s fiancé Miranda Kerr to uninstalling the app and mistakenly ranting against Snapdeal, a lot of crazy stuff is happening over the internet ever since the news broke out. 

Along with them, singer Adnan Sami joined in the social media outrage spillage and tweeted he “just uninstalled Snapchat”.

Sami had applied for an Indian citizenship, which he got in 2015. Now, Sami joins a bunch of other celebrities who reacted to the alleged quote with tweets of Indian nationalism.

Here’s what he tweeted:

Looks like his Pakistani friends didn’t like that much and after that he got trolled savagely




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