ADOLF Hitler escaped his Berlin bunker and fled to South America where he saw out his days in the sunshine with fellow Nazis, an author has claimed in an astonishing new book.

At first this was met with extreme doubt and controversy, until the evidence began coming forward. The first piece of evidence was the documents that illustrate the FBI knew about the truth entire time, yet perpetuated the lie through history books and so forth. This document can be seen on the FBI’s own website.

It outlines knowledge of Hitler escaping via boat and landing in Argentina where it is believe he spent his remaining days here on earth.

Mr Basti claims another man may have been left in the Berlin bunker as the Allied forces moved across the German capital leaving Hitler free to escape through a tunnel to the Templhof Airport and into a waiting helicopter to Spain or the Canary Islands before making the journey to Argentina by submarine.

Speaking to Sputnik, the historian said:

“There was an agreement with the US that Hitler would run away and that he shouldn’t fall into the hands of the Soviet Union.”

“This also applies to many scientists, the military and spies who later took part in the struggle against the Soviet regime.”

Wealthy families who helped him over the years were responsible for the organisation of his funeral. Hitler was buried in an underground bunker, which is now an elegant hotel in the city of Asuncion.

“In 1973, the entrance to the bunker was sealed, and 40 people came to say goodbye to Hitler. One of those who attended [the funeral], Brazilian servicemen Fernando Nogueira de Araujo, then told a newspaper about the ceremony.”

Using declassified FBI documents the historian found a report dated September 4, 1944 which said:

“Argentina kept silent in spite of all the accusations that it became a destination for Hitler, which he reached either flying 7,375 miles from Berlin on the plane, which was built specifically for this purpose, or as a passenger on a submarine.”

He also claims Eva Braun, who was said to have committed suicide with Hitler by poisoning herself with cyanide, also fled to South America. Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias, who wrote Hitler in Brazil – His Life and His Death, published a photo reportedly of Hitler pictured two years before his death in 1984, posing happily with his black girlfriend Cutinga.

Mr Basti said she lived in the city of Bariloche before moving to Buenos Aires after she turned 90, where the historian ten lost track of her.

Conspiracy theorists have long argued Hitler escaped from Germany and fled to South America, following fellow Nazis Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele.

The FBI documents were also used by team of former CIA investigators, in a documentary for the History Channel, who claimed to have proof Hitler did not kill himself in his underground bunker and lived out his days in the sunshine.

Investigators probing Hitler’s demise were hampered by the lack of any physical evidence for his death.

Fantasists were given added ammunition he didn’t die in his Berlin bunker when 2009 DNA tests on skull fragments found near the bunker and believed to be his, turned out to belong to a woman.

Academics have long rubbished the idea that Hitler scarpered to sunnier climes but the theory persists.

Unlike Mr Basti’s book, Mr Dias claims Hitler travelled first to Paraguay and then Argentina before settling in a small town in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil.

The crazed dictator is said to have used the assumed name of Adolf Leipzig and was known to the 12,000 locals in Nossa Senhora do Livramento as “the Old German”.

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