Adorable Photos Of Newborns Dressed As Tiny Disney Princesses

So many little girls dream of growing up to be a princes. These adorable newborn babies got the chance to become one before they were even old enough to hear the stories.

Maternity photographer Karen Marie of Belly Beautiful Portraits in Roseville, California had the sweet idea for a princess-themed photoshoot, and her magical pictures have sent women swooning across the internet.

The six babies are styled as Ariel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Belle, and Jasmine. Their impressively detailed gowns were designed and created by Valerie Best, of Sew Trendy Accessories.

The shoot which was shot over the course of eight hours was inspired by Marie’s passion for Disney.

“Disney has always been a big thing in my life,” she said. “I’ve always loved Disney and princesses. I have two little girls myself, but they’re getting older. They’re practically teenagers.”

Keep scrolling for the photos

1. Snow White

2. Jasmine

3. Cinderella

4. Belle

5. Ariel

6. Sleeping Beauty


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