Adult Actor Keiran Lee Says That He Is Two-Minute Wonder

You would think a porn star would have had enough practice that they’re awesome in the sack, right? Not really, says this experienced adult film star.

Everyone Knows Adam A.K.A. Keiran Lee. He is one of the most successful male adult actors in the world. He usually appears in the Brazzers Videos. Moreover, he got his penis insured for $ 1 Million.

The life of this adult actor may look like amazing to every one of us. However, there are many drawbacks from the industry and Keiran Lee just stated one of them. Keiran is married to former adult actress Kirsten Price. He told that he cannot satisfy his wife at the night after a busy day at shooting.

Two-Minute Wonder

In an interview, he said:

At home with my wife I have to apologize, I am pathetic in bed. I’m like a two-minute wonder.

Adult Career Of Keiran Lee

His career in the adult industry started when one of his friends clicked his naked pictures and leaked them on social media. After that, someone offered him work in the adult videos and he did not refuse.

He recalled the incident:

A couple from Loughborough asked if I would be interested in making a film. I was about 19 at the time and I was full of hormones, so I thought, ‘I’m going to have $ex with a beautiful woman and get paid.

An Erotic Model For Others

His mother found out about his job but that was not a stop to his career in the adult industry. 

Keiran Said:

She was fine with it. She tells people I’m an erotic model if they ask. It’s a classy way of saying it!

Now A Top Star

In the beginning he would earn $180 per shoot but now the amount has been elevated to $4000 per day. He also shared his first video for Brazzers.

He said:

I was a patient with a broken leg who got a bed bath from a nurse with a happy ending.

Personal Best Is 58 Minutes

He also stated how he lasts long.

He said:

If I am working with a girl, I start doing multiplication and long division in my head to keep an erection. 

But I was disappointed when I only got 58 minutes — I was working with four girls and aiming for a full hour.

Not That Much Intense Chemistry Off Screen

He also told that the chemistry is not as intense as we see in the videos.

A lot of women have boyfriends, they are married, they have kids. I can work with a woman and then when they shout ‘Cut!’ she will go one way and I’ll go the other and never see her again.

Adam And Keiran Are Different People

He also told that his personal life is boring. Keiran says the family have a completely “normal” family life – their son Max goes to boxing and football, and they love having people over for dinner.

He said:

Adam and Keiran are two different people. At home I am Adam, I love my soccer, I am a normal guy.

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