Are You Afraid Of Ghost? Don’t Watch! These 6 pictures will surely send a shiver down your spine.

Ghosts, phantoms, poltergeists and what not! Mankind has always been intrigued by the paranormal. Many stories have emerged over the years about this mystery. Some are downright absurd while others sound convincing. But how would you react if you had visual proof of it? 

The Cooper family in Texas clicked this picture during a celebration. The man falling from the ceiling cannot go unnoticed. It remains an unsolved mystery to date!

This ghost in the picture is said to have been of Dorothy Walpole’s, she was imprisoned in Raynham Hall until death for allegedly cheating on her husband.

The haunting faces in the water can send chills down anyone’s spine! It was taken on the oil tanker SS Watertown 1924.


Mable Chinnery was on a visit to her mother’s grave when she clicked this picture of her husband. When the developed image came she saw that her dead mother was sitting in the backseat!

This might seem like a normal picture but the lady was alone when this was clicked! Upon getting the image she was shocked to see a man seated next to her.

This was clicked by a priest in a Church! The terrifying ghost is clearly visible in the image. What’s scarier is the fact that research found this image to be authentic!


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