An American Company Learned to Make Perfectly Realistic Copies of People

It seems that the Westworld tv collection is going to become a reality soon. The American business Abyss Creations makes without a doubt sensible dolls named RealDoll. They speak several languages, can recall records, and their silicone skin may be very much like human skin.

Every model is made by hand, and the result is really worth the effort: before everything glance, it’s far not possible to remember the fact that it’s an inanimate item standing in front of you. The most interesting (and at the same time eerie) component is the truth that the face of the doll may be made to an individual order.




Over the years, the agency has succeeded in considerably enhancing its technology: silicone, that is utilized in manufacturing, is almost a match for human pores and skin by using touch. each hair and eyelash is labored out carefully and in the element. just take a look at the way she appears to you!

The dolls are bought by designers, photographers, stylists, collectors, and those who didn’t reach meeting their second half.

The price of this miracle of science and technology isn’t always small — it starts from $5,000. Unfortunately, the developers haven’t taught their creatures to walk and circulate. but, who knows? This problem may be solved very soon. And that’s whilst we’re going to meet a fascinating and unusual future.



On one hand, such realism may be a chunk horrifying. however, it shows the unconditional improvement of technology, thru which such things emerge as a truth. but it’s miles obvious even now that there are going to be increasingly more disputes about the ethics of such human copies.

Would you like to own one of these dolls?

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