This Artist Turns Pokémon Into Humans and the results are awesome


Pokemon has been every child’s favorite during the 90’s. Even now Pokemon are more than famous among the different communities. But have you ever wondered how would a Pokemon look if they were HUMAN. Yes, you heard it right. A HUMAN.

An artist Tamtamdi had this creative thinking and decided to try to draw them. The results are awesome. Have a look below:



1. Bulbasor

2. Meotwo


3. Jigglypuff

4. Pikachu

5. Rhydon



6. Aipom

7. Farfetch’d

8. Snorlex

9. Mew

10. Lugia



For more of Tamtamdi’s Pokemon-Human Art, visit Tamtamdi’s Facebook page or official site.

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