This Artist’s Pantings are so Realistic that it will leave you amazed.



Throughout the history of art, there has been a multitude of mediums explored among the illustrious artists in the world. Art can be defined as “the expression or application of human skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power”. For this particular artist, he encapsulates exactly that, as we look into Marco Grassi’s realistic paintings that will surely blow your mind.

Hailing from Italy, the 30-year-old painter already has an extensive and impressive portfolio to his name. The remarkable painter aims to emulate a human being’s dual way of living, believing “our inner side, intimate and extremely sensitive, in opposition to our interest in the appearance of things, like a vase, a pot, a shell. Beautiful and precious, but empty inside.” Marco explores a deep understanding of his subjects and effectively attempts to capture the individuals in their purest, yet most complex form.

What sets Marco apart from other renowned portrait painters of his time and of the past, are the subtle and unconventional details he applies to his characters. Combining “reality and surrealism”, he chooses to explore “human thoughts and nature in a more personal way.” Appearing as half-human, half-statues, he still manages to capture the true essence of his given subjects. Devoting several months to a single painting, he pays extreme attention and inserts surreal elements and complexities into the individuals. Marco consistently maintains a level of extreme quality, with masterful recreations of individuals that represent them in a way that encompasses the art of painting and photography cohesively.

Titled “Green Queen”, this shot captures the meticulous detail that he nails, with the defined pores and complex lip lining that appears as vivid as a high-definition photograph.

Have a look at some of his work:























Photo Credit: Marco Grassi Painter Facebook 


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