An Australian couple PAID to have sex in luxury hotels across Australia

An Australian couple has been paid to visit luxury hotels and write about their intimate experiences in each one.

Jessica D’Argent, 23, and her boyfriend Justin Engelke, 26, won a competition to cross the country for an erotic travel blog called Places of Intimacy.

They were treated to 14 nights at boutique hotels in Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay, Tasmania and Western Australia – and each penned their own erotic reviews as they went.

Detailing their stay at The Atlantic in Byron Bay, Mr Engelke said:

‘The highlight of our room was the outdoor rainfall shower head and swing chair hanging from the roof. The chair was a perfect height and an invitation for us.

‘Bathed in sunlight, I lifted Jess into the seat and gently massaged away the journey, gently caressing her, making sure I matched the swinging motion of the suspended chair. She hung there happily in my arms.’

Describing their experience at the VDL in Stanley, Tasmania, Ms D’Argent called their entry to the hotel a ‘stairway to seventh heaven‘.

‘On closing the door to the room, I ran to the stairs to look up to our bed, but he caught me before I reached the top step,’ she said.

‘The moment was thrilling. He pushed me against the stone wall, and we celebrated finding ourselves in this end of the world spot.

She added:

‘It was some time before I finally pulled myself up the bannister finally to summit the wooden steps and make it to the bed.

‘Our room was such a haven, we simply enjoyed the company of each other.’

The couple, who have been together for six years, was one of 10 chosen from across the globe to contribute to the unconventional travel guide by condom company Skyn.

the company said:

‘From balconies to bathrubs, sofas to hallways, Skyn’s Intimacy Guide uses real life intimate experiences to inform readers about the best places to go to ‘get it on,’ 

Mr Engelke, from Melbourne, told:

‘The trip was amazing, we had two weeks all expenses paid travelling around some lovely boutique hotels across Australia and reviewing our experiences.

‘Just to be clear, we weren’t only writing about our sex lives, we were also reviewing the hotels as well,’ he joked.

He said his family and friends have been amused by his 50 shades-style words and joked he may leave a copy of the erotic travel guide on the dining table for guests to read when they come over for dinner.

Explaining how he won the prize, he added:

‘We got the chance to do it after entering a competition on Instagram.

‘We had to do a mini-quiz and then send a video introducing ourselves before a skype interview. It was a pretty intense process but I had a good feeling and said to Jess Ï think we’re gonna win this” and luckily we did.’

The couple stayed in five hotels for the project including The VDL in Tasmania, The Atlantic in Byron Bay, The Ovolo in Melbourne, The Old Clare Hotel in Sydney, and The Empire Spa Resort in Western Australia.

Their hotel reviews are featured on Places of Intimacy, which Skyn described as ‘a guide to places to get intimate in, on, under, against, or next to’.












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