Awkward moment when a Girl Asked: ‘Are You A Virgin?’


In the Tinder age, dating can be really hard and weird, and that’s why TV show First Dates is so great.

It lets you peak into other people’s dating lives and reassure yourself that actually, it’s awkward for everyone. Obviously there are some really sweet and heartwarming stories, and there are a lot which are quite weird and demented.

Dating etiquette can be quite hard – and some people get it so wrong. Take one particularly tricky moment in Jayden and Isabel’s first meeting, for example…

Yes, Isabel decided to ask Jayden a fairly big question a few minutes into their date. After talking about how he was a gentleman (if you really are a gentleman, you probably don’t have to tell people), he told her he had only kissed four girls. She looked a bit skeptical and asked him if he was still a virgin.

And fair play, he was pretty casual about admitting that he was. Some people might feel a little embarrassed about being on national TV while telling someone they’ve just met that they’d never had sex, but not Jayden.

“Are you still a virgin?” she asked, bluntly.

“Yeah, I want to get married to the girl I love,” he said.

Which is really sweet, actually.

Bold question for a first date, isn’t it?

And maybe it’s a fib after all. In their pre-date interview, Jayden boasts cheerfully about his ‘very high number’ that he is ‘very proud of’. Is chasteness a virtue that normally works when trying to impress a date? How did he think that was going to play out? Interesting strategy.

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