Awkward Moments Every Woman Have To Go Through

It’s tough to be a girl. And we’re not just talking about awkward dates, bad hair days, and blackout drunk streaks. We’re talking about the kind of instances that we all want to forget about.

A woman on daily basis faces loads of problems. Problems caused due to some obvious reasons. For example, awkward moments due b00bs is something which can not really be escaped. And that’s something painful and awkward as f*ck. 

Here is a list of awkward moments every woman faces every day:

#1. Strapless tops can bring tonnes of awkward moments for any woman.

#2. Just. The. Wrong. Bra. Like. Always.


#3. Accidentally wearing white on the second day of your period.

#4. And the feel of breasts which always dangle is not pleasant at all. The feeling is downright uncomfortable.

#5. Awkward moments as such during winter is something each and every woman goes through.

#6. Sleeping is always a problem. You can not lie down on your stomach flat for hours comfortably. 

#7. Waxing is already painful for every woman. And when they leave pimples or rashes at places such, you can’t help but curse everything.

#8. The shirt gap caused due to breasts is something which cannot be hidden. And then people start talking.

#9. Woman with bigger breasts faces plenty of awkward moments. And the clothes they wear, if tight can makes them feel uncomfortable.

#10. The risk of breaking an ankle anytime you wear heels

Via: thesolemates

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