‘Backpack Kid’ stole the show from Katy Perry On ‘SNL’ And Mesmerized The Internet


It takes a lot to upstage Katy Perry, but Backpack Kid managed to do it.

Perry, who channeled Beetlejuice in a black and white striped coat, performed “Swish Swish” ― which is thought to be a Taylor Swift diss track ― on the season finale of “Saturday Night Live” this weekend.

The pop star was flanked by drag queens on both sides of a runway, before she moved aside to let them do their thing. Then a star was born:

Backpack Kid, as the people of Twitter dubbed him, stepped onto the runway and mesmerized the world with his backpack and the way he moved. (For the record, Backpack Kid’s real name is Russell Horning, he’s 15, and he’s on Instagram.)

Just look at him move:


People were delighted. They were in awe. They were confused. They had questions. They knew he had stolen the show.



Horning’s Instagram account (“Disclaimer: I can’t dance lol” and “Ending racism”) had 499,000 followers as of Sunday afternoon, but that should change.

“Imma really miss this place😭😭😭 back to Atlanta I go,” he posted Sunday with a short video clip of New York City.

Horning had already been building an Instagram following – with the moves he says are meant to be funny – after his audience got a huge boost in December from Rihanna, who re-posted one of his clips to express her Grammy nomination joy. We know how she feels.



When your mom tries to look cool @katyperry

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