BBC Presenter Accidentally Grabs A Woman’s Breast During Live TV and This Is What Happened Next.


Live television is something that organisations need to cover breaking news. But it also has some minor pitfalls – like what to do when someone interrupts your interview.

That’s exactly the scenario that BBC reporter Ben Brown endured while trying to cover Labour’s manifesto launch in Bradford.

Ben was interviewing the BBC’s assistant political editor, Norman Smith, when a member of the public came into their live shot.

She gave the camera the big thumbs up and said ‘absolutely fantastic‘. Now, our protagonist, Ben, tried to be the astute professional by palming her off, but unfortunately, he had fairly poor hand placement.

In his defence, it’s difficult to maintain your composure during a live TV interview, so it’s not as if he did it on purpose.

The woman, clearly annoyed – either that she had been accidentally groped – or not given her 15 seconds of fame, slaps Ben on the shoulder and walks off in a huff.

Brown took to Twitter to address the “unfortunate interruption”, assuring readers he did not intend to touch the woman’s breast.


The encounter nevertheless has sparked outcry on Twitter, with some users accusing Brown of assault.

Others have defended Brown, with one person counter arguing the woman committed assault by hitting him.


While some took the situation in a funny way


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