Bengaluru School Student Wrote Essay on “Johnny Sins” When asked to write about Favorite Teacher, Gets Suspended

In what an awesome generation we are living in. Information gets imparted throughout the world in a matter of seconds. So much development. But there is a saying that “With every good, there is some bad.”

Though the Internet has become the most important thing in our present life, but there is some bad effects of it.

As from sources, A class 7 student (for Privacy purpose,we aren’t mentioning the name)from the city of Bengaluru, committed a major mistake without even knowing.

The class was asked to write an Essay in about 200 words on the topic – “My favorite Teacher.”

The boy being a little on the innocent side and seeing the memes that keeps floating around in Facebook and Instagram thought that “Johhny Sins” was actually a Teacher. 

Here you can see the page(the teacher didn’t even check) :


This came as a shock to the teacher when she saw it and reported to the Principal.

The Principal called in his Parents and The boy was suspended for 1 week. 

Well, what can we say.

News Credit: Vinay (who studies in the same school)

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