Blanca Blanco has nip slip as she hits the beach

Blanca Blanco wore nothing but red at the 2018 Golden Globes, and it looks she enjoys wearing nothing but red in public too – with an emphasis on nothing.

On Friday, the 36-year-old actress was spotted walking topless in Malibu, wearing only panties and an over-sized jacket that inadvertently exposed her chest and flat abs.

The sexy actress left little to the imagination by showing off in red for the second time this week.

The star walked barefoot with her hands in her pockets, which kept the jacket away from her chest and chiselled stomach.

Besides the jacket and panties, the 36-year-old wore nothing else but a gold necklace and sunglasses.

The actress appeared completely carefree in her provocative ensemble.

The California native walked with confidence and even stopped to draw a giant heart on the beach with a stick.

The model recently made headlines when she decided to wear red at the Golden Globes on Sunday, despite the call to wear black in solidarity with the #TimesUp movement.

Underwear free, there was no mistaking that this was an outfit designed to stand out and make headlines.

Blanca attended with longtime beau, Dark Angel actor John Savage, 68. Unlike Blanca, it appeared Savage was supporting the grassroots movement, with the twice-divorced veteran actor wearing a black shirt and suit.

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