blogger tries to get a free meal from restaurant – gets roasted by the owner instead

As the famous saying goes, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” – and one blogger recently found this out the hard way.

A Michelin-starred restaurant in Kilkenny, Ireland, received a note from a blogger requesting a free meal in exchange for “online exposure.”

Sounds cheeky? Well, a lot of bloggers do manage to get fed this way.

Just not this one, on this occasion.

The anonymous blogger approached the restaurant, explaining how they were after a “vegan meal for two” and “we would ideally like to try several items on the menu.”

In return, the writer offered the restaurant:

Significant online exposure on both our blogs and social media accounts; Inclusion in our ‘Vegan Guide to Ireland and/or N Ireland’ posts.

“In many cases we will also write a full separate review for your establishment.”

And: “Live tweeting, Facebook, Instagram as we visit your restaurant.”

 The owner of the Campagne restaurant‏, says

he gets around ten similar requests from bloggers a year and has “had enough”.

I don’t normally tweet about them, but this one just struck a chord,We get about 10 per year on average.

The response was mostly a mix of ridicule and mortification from other bloggers:




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