Boyfriend busts cheating girlfriend after he Spots Detail In Girlfriend’s Sext.


Technology can make a relationship great because you can stay in touch with your significant other no matter where you are. Technology can also completely obliterate your relationship if you’re guilty as sin and not that smart, as you’re about to see.

What was supposed to be some kinky long-distance sexting went haywire when one man realized his girlfriend was cheating on him right before his eyes.

The unnamed man was texting his girlfriend Jackie and this is how the story unfolded:

Jackie claims in the first message that her flight got in ‘a little late’ and tells her boyfriend she had just gotten to the hotel and was about to take a shower.


She then sends him a picture of her outfit, made up of a blue skirt and a revealing peach bralette.


Jackie replies with a selfie that shows her body sans the bralette top, with one of her hands covering her boobs while the other handles her camera phone.

But her near-nudity wasn’t enough to distract Jackie’s boyfriend, who suddenly noticed something poking out of the picture’s left-hand corner.



The text messages, which went viral after they were posted on Reddit, did not disclose whether Jackie ever responded.

He’s probably better off without her.

But let this be a lesson — don’t ever pull a Jackie.

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