These Boyfriends Are Breaking All The Boundaries Of Being A J**k

It’s always fun to take your goofs a notch higher up in a relationship. Yeah maybe be not so much when it goes beyond the threshold point and rakes you up to say the magical ‘ENOUGH!’ But who would set these limits though and Y’all know that being mature is any way overrated and bland tbh… So either you can embrace your weird and goofy S.O. or go ahead and take your revenge. The game is On!

This geeky boyfriend settles a fight in his own way!



The funniest part is she actually does look like Pink Larry.



That is so off-putting and rude!



This happens when your guy is a crazy GOT fan and you ask him to decorate your bathroom



Just cause she asked for a sponge cake from her boyfriend!



This boyfriend gifted her S.O. the three ‘carrot’ ring she always dreamt of!



This guy went ahead to put a picture of his S.O.’s favourite actor on her bed pillow. Sweet!



This boyfriend couldn’t resist writing on the new pillow covers that she bought!



Cause she said she wanted a ‘toasty’ shower!



This boyfriend scared his girlfriend with a creepy clown mask four different times!



This dude is Savage


Oh no! This guy is literally going to die for this.



He bought his girlfriend a bowl of chips!



This husband meddled with the kitchen stuff and she has no clue about it!



Her Boyfriend literally tried every possible thing out of boredom.


This guy decided to gift her a hoodie after drawing this picture on it!



Maybe he never ate pistachios.


At what moment did you realize you were dating an idiot?”


My boyfriend put this up in his fridge last April… I left him a note”


This man decided to celebrate his girlfriend’s first fart in front of him!



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