Boy’s Heart-Breaking Response When Mum Asks Why He’s At Front Of School Shooting Drills

A mum’s heart-breaking post about her son taking part in preparatory shooting drills at school has gone viral in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting which saw 17 innocent people killed.

In a post on Facebook Tanai Bernard, a teacher from Texas, posted the conversation with her son Dezmond, after she she asked him about his school safety drills. 

The single mother wanted to ensure that her son was taking the drills seriously and wasn’t using them as an excuse to ‘goof off’.

Asking him if he had practiced a ‘lockdown drill’ in his class, she was left shocked when Dezmond, known as Dez, said that if there was an active shooting in their school, the procedure arranged with his class would me he and two other boys would push a table up against the wall and stand in front of their classmates as a human shield.

Reassuring her he practiced it, Dezmond said: “The teacher is supposed to shut and lock the door, put the black paper over the window on the door.

“Then myself and three other boys are supposed to push the table against the door. After that all the class is going to stand behind us on the back wall.”

Surprised at his answer, Tanai asked: “The class is supposed to stand behind who?”

At this point, Tanai writes: “Internally went from 0 to 100 real quick. My child is one of only two black children in a class of 23.

“Being transparent, I immediately went to the “why is my black son being put on the front line?” (Just being real) So I asked before I verbally stated my thoughts.”

She then asked her son why he was picked to stand in front of the other kids.

“I didn’t get picked,” Dezmond replied. “I volunteered to push the table and protect my friends.”

Shocked that her son would choose to do this, she asked him why he would volunteer to do that.

Her brave little boy told her: “If it came down to it I would rather be the one that died protecting my friends then have an entire class die and I be the only one that lived.”

Bloody hell, is someone chopping onions in here? What a little hero.

Finishing the post, the mum-of-three wrote: “Father God, it took everything out of me not to breakdown. I still have a lump in my throat. 10 damn years old and this has to be our babies thought process in America.”

The post comes just four days after the the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. A total of 14 students and 3 staff were shot dead during what was the 18th school shooting in America since the beginning of 2018. Nikolas Cruz, 19, has been arrested and charged with the murder of 17 people.

The former pupil at the school legally bought the AR-15 rifle which he is accused of using to launch the attack. Now, students across America have planned a national school walkout in protest against the lack of anti-gun laws being passed in Washington. The protest will be held on the 20th April, which will be the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre, where two senior students murdered 12 students and one teacher before killing themselves.




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