Bros taught this guy a lesson for not wearing a condom

Whatever logic they may apply to it, it’s no secret that a few men out there prefer sexual intercourse sans a condom, as a result of which, post-sex mornings often end up being a pressure-filled affair for girls.

More than breakfast, getting their hands on ‘the pill’ tends to become the girl’s priority, with a fair amount of prodding from the guy too, of course.

A message thread has been uploaded to picture-sharing site Imgur, showing a man having an absolute meltdown about a girl named Lucy who he wants to take the morning after pill.

Little did he know his freak out hadn’t been sent to the woman he’d gotten freaky with… instead it went to a group of young boys because Lucy had given him the wrong number. Then the group of boys taught him a very important lesson. 

This is how the conversation unfolded …

It starts off friendly enough

Then the poor guy starts to get desperate

Then come the tears …

You kinda start to feel a little bad for him …

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