Challenge: 8 Riddles That Will Get You Thinking

There’s nothing like a super challenging riddle to get your brain working. Sometimes the best thing to solve a mental block is working on a different problem, such as a hard brain teaser. Very challenging riddles can do a lot for your brain, such as improving your critical thinking skills and pushing you to think differently.

There are some truly difficult brain puzzles out there, but what are some of the most difficult? Often, the harder the riddle the more satisfaction a person will get out of answering it. Finding the solutions to very challenging riddles is like a reward in itself (although a real prize is always nice too).

These are 8 of the most difficult brain puzzles compiled from around the internet. Some of them may be harder than the others, but they will all give your brain and your critical thinking skills a solid workout.

The answers are given at last. Comment below to tell us about your score out of 8.


1. The Hanging Man: This is a classic riddle, and is just a warm-up. Do you think you can figure out how the man managed to kill himself?

2. The Poker Game: How did the police know who the killer was?

3. Basket of Eggs: This one looks like it has some tricky math, but looks can be deceiving.

4. The Recluse: What is the correct answer to this seemingly impossible scenario?

5. The Wife in the Car: The answer to this one should be obvious to some people. Can you figure it out?

6. The Polygamy Problem: How does a man that is marrying multiple women get away with it?

7. A Man and a Drink: What in the world was this bartender doing when he pulled a gun on this man?

8. Falling Baby: The answer to this final riddle might hit you right away.













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