This is what happens when you check your mobile all the time.


This age is the Age of Technology. Everything around us is technology, but the most impactful and engaging thing in today’s life is MOBILE. And you can’t NO, because it is.

From Facebook to clicking 10 and 100 of selfies, mobiles have become a part of our daily life like breathing. But what happens to our brain or most importantly how it reacts when we keep looking or checking our mobile all the time.

Delaney Ruston
Delaney Ruston

Internal medicine physician and filmmaker Delaney Ruston researched on this specific topic and directed a movie. Ruston directed “Screenagers,” a documentary about the excessive use of mobile devices among children and teenagers.

In an interview with Business Insider, Ruston stated:

” It definitely is a common issue that all of us are facing wanting to check into our devices constantly frankly and the reason is very simple its associated with the pleasure chemical in our brains which is called Dopamine.

It actually gets released when we find a new bit of information or when somebody reaches out to us and we feel kind of cared about there’s so many ways that the activities that we’re doing on screens releases this chemical that it’s not surprising we all want to do it a lot.”

Talking about why teenagers are mostly indulged in checking their mobile, she said:

“This isn’t just psychological but it’s really physiologic kids brains are wired to have the most receptivity to the dopamine that’s released when we’re multitasking and looking at screens and so there’s a reason why it can be so hard to get off of devices. The first step is defining achievable goals.

In screenagers there’s a scene where a teenager talks to me about when he goes out to a meal with his friends they often put their cell phone in the middle of the table and they say look if anyone checks it that person has to pay for the meal some.

Scientists very much believe in the idea of tech breaks and so to be honest with a group and to say hey you know can we all just check our phones for 10 minutes and then put them away.”


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